Prof. Dr. Hartmut Vatter

Department of Neurosurgery
University of Bonn Medical Center
Venusberg-Campus 1
D-53127 Bonn

Phone: 0228 287 16500
Web: here

The clinical workgroups “Vascular Neurosurgery, Epilepsy surgery, and Glioma surgery” are consisting each of 2 attendings, 1 fellow, and 2 – 3 residents. According to the Department of Neurosurgery the focus of the research is the development or improvement of Neurosurgical procedures or pathologies in a clinical or translational approach. One main topic of the Vascular group is the development of secondary ischemic brain lesions after aSAH in an experimental setting and its translation to the clinical treatment. The Epilepsy and the Gioma group are integrated in the theoretical institutes and groups of the BCN for their experimental research. Clinical topics are the development of innovative treatment procedures (e.g. MR guided focussed ultrasound (MRgFUS), Laser interstitial thermotherapy (LiTT)) and the clinical use of intraoperative MRI.