Prof. Dr. Albert Becker

Section for Translational Epilepsy Research
Department of Neuropathology
University of Bonn Medical Center
Venusberg-Campus 1
D-53105 Bonn

Phone: 0228 287 11352
Fax: 0228 287 14331
Web: here

Our major research interest is on pathomechanisms of epilepsies as well as developmental brain malformations and tumors. With respect to epilepsies, we aim to understand how transient insults including status epilepticus and particularly inflammation convert neuronal cells and networks chronically hyperexcitable. We explore promoter control mechanisms that (a) concert transcriptional and (b) impact genetic epilepsies. We generate transgenic mouse models of brain malformations and low-grade tumors in order to understand in depth the structural and functional characteristics of dysplastic neurons, their integration in maldeveloped and pre-existing networks and their trophic interaction with NG2- and astroglial cells. We have many mutual collaborations electrophysiologists and immunologists.
Experimentally, our portfolio covers various neuropathological and molecular biological and imaging approaches, including the recently developed in vivo molecular imaging of gene promoter activity.