Dr. Theodor Rüber

Department of Epileptology
University of Bonn Medical Center
Venusberg-Campus 1
D-53127 Bonn

Mail: theodor.rueber@ukbonn.de
Phone: 0228 6885 260
Web: here

We are a junior research group at the Department of Epileptology at the University of Bonn Medical Center. Our group is composed of young researchers with backgrounds in medicine, neuroscience, computer engineering, physics, mathematics, and philosophy. Within a network of established scientists, we co-develop and apply cutting-edge neuroimaging methods to enhance understanding and diagnostics of neurological diseases, whereby focusing on epilepsy. Our main research areas include the automatic detection of potentially epileptogenic lesions by means of artificial intelligence, the development of epileptic seizure imaging using novel MRI methods, neuroplastic remodeling in the lesioned brain, and the characterization of MRI biomarkers.