Medical Students



SciMed is a structured MD program for scientifically interested students of human and dental medicine. The program is divided into two parts.
The fist part is called Pre-SciMed, which starts during the preclinical studies and lasts for two semesters. It consists of a lectures series, a seminar and a practical course. The lectures focus on methods in molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology. In the seminars, the students present scientific publications. During the practical course, students gain skills in laboratory techniques. This part of the program prepares for an ambitious experimental MD thesis in an optimal way.
Pre-SciMed is followed by the second part termed SciMed, which encompasses work on the MD thesis. Doctoral students are expected to spend at least one year in the laboratory and have to take one semester off to fully concentrate on their experiments. The BONFOR program provides stipends to support doctoral students during their work on the thesis. In addition, the SciMed program provides systematic scientific basic training (lectures and practical parts) as well as mentoring to achieve a high-quality doctoral thesis.


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The BonnNi MD program for medical students is based on the cooperation of the SFB 1089 and the Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation, two leading research alliances at the University of Bonn Medical Center. By integrating a structured training in these two institutions BonnNi offers completely new research topics combined with modern research infrastructure, as well as high-quality mentoring in internationally renowned research groups. The program includes overlapping methodological training with lecture series and practical modules. The BonnNi MD program for medical students is funded by the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation.