BCN Groups

Our research environment is highly collaborative, with groups employing interdisciplinary approaches that integrate experiments with computation and theory. The BCN groups are:

Beck Group: Neuronal input-output computation during cognition
Baader Group: Neurodevelopment and Synaptogenesis
Becker Group: Section for Translational Epilepsy Research
Blaess Group: Neurodevelopmental Genetics
Boecker Group: Clinical Functional Neuroimaging
Brüstle Group: Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology
Dietrich Group: Experimental Neurophysiology
Ettinger Group: Cognitive Psychology Unit
Ewell Group: Cellular Mechanisms of Cognition
Henneberger Group: Synaptic neuron-glia interactions
Heneka Group: Neurodegenerative Diseases and Gerontopsychiatry.
Herrlinger Group: Clinical Neurooncology
Hurlemann Group: Division of Medical Psychology
Klockgether Group: Clinical Ataxia Research
Lehnertz Group: Neurophysics
Mody Group: Neuronal Networks in Health and Disease
Mormann Group: Cognitive and Clinical Neurophysiology
Neumann Group: Neural Regeneration
Odermatt Group: NRW Junior Research Group ´Investigating myelination in-vivo´
Petzold Group: Vascular Neurology
Reuter Group: Personality & Biological Psychology
Schneider Group: Translational Dementia Research
Schoch McGovern Group: Synapse function, diversity and plasticity
Schwarz Group: Functional Neuroconnectomics
Schweizer Group: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Stein Group: Neurophysiologie
Steinhäuser Group: Institute of Cellular Neurosciences
Vatter Group: Department of Neurosurgery
Walter Group: Molecular Cell Biology
Weber Group: Neuroeconomics
Witke Group: Cell Motility
Zimmer Group: Molecular Psychiatry

Our friends @caesar

Kerr Goup: Behavior and Brain Organization
Briggman Group: Computational Neuroethology
Oberlaender Group: In Silico Brain Sciences
Seelig Group: Neural Circuits
Macke Group: Neural Systems Analysis
Schnell Group: Neurobiology of Flight Control

Our friends @DZNE

Remy Group: Neuronal Networks (associated with Med. Faculty)
Bano Group: Ageing and Neurodegeneration
Bradke Group: Axon Growth and Regeneration (associated with Med. Faculty)
Beyer Group: Molecular Immunology in Neurodegeneration
Capasso Group: Immunoregulation
Di Monte Group: Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection in Parkinson`s Disease
Ehninger Group: Molecular and Cellular Cognition
Fava Group: Systems Phenomics
Fuhrmann Group: Neuroimmunology and Imaging
Halle Group: Microglia and Neuroinflammation
Isbrandt Group: Experimental Neurophysiology
Eckard Mandelkow Group: Structural Principles of Neurodegeneration
Eva-Maria Mandelkow Group: Cell and Animal Models of Neurodegeneration
Tavosanis Group: Neuronal Circuits Dynamics