The training and support of students and young scientists is one of our main interests. We constantly expand and support our training programs that address undergraduate and graduate students as well as young postdoctoral researchers.
To understand brain function we have to take a close look on all levels, from molecules and cells over to anatomy and behavior. This large spectrum of dimensions demands the combination of a broad spectrum of methods from a variety of disciplines. The neuroscience community in Bonn aims to fulfil the need of an interdisciplinary educational background by offering programs that combine practical courses, lectures, and seminars for undergraduates, graduates, and young scientists. The programs are inter-disciplinary, creating a dynamic and synergistic atmosphere for research.
Research in Bonn benefits from an excellent scientific environment. Our educational and research activities include scientists from the Medical School, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), and the Research Institute caesar.