Circuit-selective cell-autonomous regulation of inhibition in pyramidal neurons by Ste20-like kinase paper in Cell Reports out.

A study led by the IEECR has identified a mechanism relying on Ste20-like kinase that allows single cortical neurons to cell-autonomously adjust feedforward inhibition they receive to the cell-specific levels of excitatory input. The authors propose that this mechanism is critical to ensure that a majority of cortical pyramidal cells participate in information coding. A collaborative […]

AG Schwarz: Imaging three-dimensional brain organoid architecture from meso-to nanoscale across development.

Organoids are stem cell-derived three-dimensional cultures offering a new avenue to model human development and disease. Brain organoids allow the study of various aspects of human brain development in the finest details in vitro in a tissue-like context. However, spatial relationships of subcellular structures, such as synaptic contacts between distant neurons, are hardly accessible by […]

AG Bradke published a new paper in Neuron: An active vesicle priming machinery suppresses axon regeneration upon adult CNS injury

Neurons Able to “Talk” Cannot Regenerate Adult neurons of the central nervous system do not regenerate if they are damaged, for example following a spinal cord injury. A study by DZNE researchers published in the scientific journal “Neuron” provides evidence that this inability for recovery is closely related to the neuron’s capacity to communicate with […]

Frank Bradke awarded “Carl Zeiss Lecture”

Prof. Frank Bradke, research group leader at DZNE and a professor at the University of Bonn, will give this year’s “Carl Zeiss Lecture”. With this award, which has been presented since 1990, the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ) recognizes outstanding research. Research in the Bradke lab focuses on how neurons grow during development and how […]

CRC 1089 extended

We are happy and excited to announce that the DFG has  extended funding for the CRC 1089 for another 4 years. In the CRC 1089, BCN scientists together with partners from the DZNE and caesar, as well as national and international partners adress how nerve cells in the brain process information and drive complex behaviors. Furthermore, […]

The AG Beck published an article about synchronized activity in DG

The hippocampal dentate gyrus is an important relay conveying sensory information from the entorhinal cortex to the hippocampus proper. During exploration, the dentate gyrus has been proposed to act as a pattern separator. However, the dentate gyrus also shows structured activity during immobility and sleep. The properties of these activity patterns at cellular resolution, and […]