Welcome to the website of the Bonn Center of Neuroscience (BCN).

The brain is a fascinating intriguing and complex organ, composed of about one hundred billion neurons and trillions of connections or synapses. As a result of evolution, the brain allows the organism to perceive, behave and think and thus to perform many complex tasks. However, although we have already learned a lot about the brain, many of its functions are still a mystery waiting to be solved.

Studying the brain not only is an intriguing challenge for modern neuroscience, but also is of fundamental importance for health and the treatment of psychiatric or neurological diseases. Indeed, data from the World Health Organization show that such diseases are among the main causes of disease and account for a great percentage of the economic burden in Europe.

The BCN unites neuroscience research of Bonn in an inter-institutional network. It combines resources and expertise to coordinate, support and promote research and teaching of Neurosciences at the University of Bonn and the affiliated institutes and organizational units. With focus on clinical neurosciences, electrophysiology, imaging and genetics our work comprises highly relevant research areas and cutting-edge technologies, embedded in an excellent scientific environment.